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The company has a competent and a diversified sales force for its operations on permanent as well as on contractual basis. It consists of hardworking personnel, driven by challenges; the greater the challenge the greater is its motivation. The concept that in life everyday is an episode that moves towards the ultimate goal prevails throughout the organization, acts as a fuel for the sales force. Through its talented sales force, the company is able to achieve the feat of becoming the pioneer in introducing and selling Gardening Concept in the country. And hence, a sales driven task has now converted to a customer oriented job successfully.

The business is carried out through divisions and committees like Admin, Sales, Business Development, HR, Marketing, Overseas Operations, Finance, Research, After-sales, and various adhoc teams to concentrate on the respective tasks and to deliver the best to the business partners.

The top management consists of well-educated and well-aligned personnel, motivated to explore new lines of business. Having vast experience in the business environment of Pakistan, they have developed analytical & inquisitive skills. Now along with having successful case with the main line of business, the management is looking forward to explore new business opportunities, not only to earn money but to introduce new concepts and potentials.



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